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Chiller Chemicals

Chiller Treatment Chemicals Supplier

MN Aqua Chem Solutions is specialised in manufacturing & presenting of Chiller Treatment Chemicals. These chemical compounds will limit troubles like Corrosion & Bacterial Growth in chillers. MN Aqua Chem Solutions Chiller Chemicals are evolved for all varieties of Chillers.

Our substantial variety of Chiller Treatment Chemicals includes:

  1. Anticorrosive Chemical
  2. Biocide Chemical
  3. Passivation Chemical

Chiller Treatment Products And Application Information:


In closed water system – inclusive of chilled loops, which might be completely hidden from view, the principle hassle is corrosion. Generally in closed structures humans will use high-satisfactory high-satisfactory (R.O/ D.M) water to save you scaling and fouling however due to R.O / DM water high-satisfactory the corrosion will arise. In the closed cooling system, whilst water is chilled, because of warmness trade the water will extra corrosive with the aid of using its nature. It will react with steel and shape steel oxide. Means the steel loses will take place. So, to save you such hassle we want to feature a great corrosion shield chemical. Our MN PROTECTIVE is one in all such protecting chemical. Please discover underneath the chemical specifications.

MN PROTECTIVE is a multipurpose chemical for closed circuit cooling system. It is a robust nitrite primarily based totally chemical which prevents efficaciously corrosion and scaling withinside the system. This corrosion inhibitor will shield each ferrous and non ferrous on your system.

The Major Advantage of Using Nitrite primarily based totally Corrosion Inhibitor are as Follows :

  • Removes dissolved oxygen with the aid of using changing the nitrite to nitrate
  • Negligible steel lack of steel corrosion
  • Excellent warmness transferability and go with the drift rate
  • No want of de scaling closed circuit equipment
  • Long and prolonged lifestyles of water with out fouling

Chiller Treatment Chemicals Applications:

  • Control corrosion and scale deposits in chillers, boilers, condensers, warmness exchangers, cooling towers, tanks, pipes etc
  • Remove Sulfite, Hydrazine, Carbohydrazide and Oxygen Scavengers
  • Remove tough water deposits from Chillers
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