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ETP Plants

MN Aqua Chem Solutions

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)
We have emerged as a outstanding dealer of ETP Plants. These waste water remedy flora will deal with effluents coming from numerous industries. These Plants are extensively utilized in industrial & business sectors like Pharmaceutical, Food/Beverage Production, Paper & Textile, Power Plants & Steel Plants, Cement Industries, Hospitals and Oil Refineries. We deliver ETP plant from 5 KLD to 2000KLD. We additionally adopt AMC & CMC services (Comprehensive & Non Comprehensive) in and round Telengana and AP.

ETP Technologies

  • Aerobic Treatment
  • Anaerobic Treatment

Effluent Treatment Plant is advanced to deal with the effluent this is waste water coming from specific regions of plant. Water is the principle aid utilized in all varieties of industries for lots processes. But water utilized in industries in now no longer fed on completely. Furthermore, nearly all industries generate waste water from flora which wishes right instantaneously action. Waste water can pollute environment. So the remedy of waste water i.e untreated effluent is become dealt with effluent with the assist of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), so instances it’s also known as as Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

MN Aqua Chem Solutions is a main waste water control employer with talents to adopt Waste Water Treatment Services. We have extra than five years of enjoy in waste water remedy enterprise and installation non-stop efforts to convey fee powerful technology.

Effluent Treatment Plant:
Effluent Treatment Plant may be operated in four specific processes

Preliminary – Removal of Solids, Oil & Grease

Primary – Removal of Suspended Solids & Organic Matter

Secondary – Removal of Biodegradable Organic Matter (BOD)

Tertiary – Removal of Residual Suspended Solids & Dissolved Solids

Apart from presenting and putting in new flora we additionally had undertaken Effluent Treatment Plants services.

Operation & Maintenance of ETP:
Once wastewater remedy plant built want to have operation & protection thru skilled and certified individuals to serve efficient & powerful operation of ETP, certified ETP operator being furnished with the aid of using us to preserve the document of operation and continues daily troubleshooting.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Services that we offer:

  • Supplying of waste water remedy plant
  • Erection, commissioning and operation & protection of waste water remedy flora
  • Revamping and servicing of current waste water remedy flora
  • Supplying of chemical substances spares etc
  • Annual Maintenance Contract of waste water remedy flora
  • Qualified, skilled and educated operators being furnished to facilitate daily troubleshooting report
  • Operators are educated to preserve records
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