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Cooling Tower Treatment Chemicals

Treatment Chemicals for High, Medium, Low Capacity Cooling Towers

For industries the use of a cooling tower, a few kind of Cooling Tower Water Treatment System is vital to make sure lengthy gadget provider existence and green overall performance. If cooling tower water is untreated, fouling, scaling, natural compound and corrosion can shape and that reduces plant productivity. MN Aqua Chem Solutions is a main producer and provider of an intensive variety of Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals. These Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals are used for stopping troubles like Corrosion, Scale Deposition and Microbial Growth in cooling towers.

Our variety of Cooling Tower Dosing Chemicals Name consists of Antiscalant Compound, Anticorrosive Compound, Defoamer Compound, Sludge Conditioner and Biocide Chemical.

To get greater records on Antiscaling Chemical for Cooling Tower, or to talk with a chemical consultant approximately your Cooling Tower Treatment Treatment System.

What is Cooling Tower Water Treatment System?

A Cooling Tower Water Treatment System is a generation which eliminates impurities from cooling tower feed water and stream water. The remedy of your cooling tower gadget will rely on diverse parameters including

  • What kind of Cooling Tower you have (Open loop or Closed loop)
  • Quality of feed water
  • Recommended nice necessities for Cooling Tower
  • What does a Cooling Tower Chemical Treatment System Control?
  • A Cooling Tower Water Treatment System will alter the extent of hardness, chlorides, alkalinity, silica, natural matter, TDS, TSS, sulfates and iron.
Our variety of Cooling Tower Treatment Chemicals consists of:

MN SCALENT : It is a multipurpose chemical for open and closed cooling water systems. It is an organo phosphate primarily based totally formulated chemical, which offers an powerful scale prevention and corrosion manipulate. It will enhance warmness switch performance via way of means of controlling Scale increase and additionally prevents corrosion withinside the gadget.

MN DISPERSANT : It is a mainly designed multi cause dispersant. It efficaciously disperse inorganic in addition to natural solids in cooling gadget. It will Keep stable debris found in cooling water gadget in suspension and growth the antiscalent overall performance. It also can be implemented at some point of gadget start-up for dispersing current scales/deposits and additionally at some point of gadget disturbances

MNCIDE I : A Broad Spectrum non Oxidizing Biocide for Cooling System. MNCIDE I is a extensive spectrum non oxidizing biocide advocated for open recirculation cooling systems. It efficaciously controls bacteria of Bacteria, Algae and Fungi withinside the recirculation cooling water systems. It additionally removes current micro organisms. It enables on top of things of slime deposits via way of means of growing the warmth switch. It is a eco pleasant chemical and it additionally energetic withinside the manipulate of Legionella pneumophila and Legionella gormanii micro organism, which reasons Legionnaires sickness Legionellosis

MN CIDE II : An Oxidizing Biocide for Cooling System It is a synergistic mixture of oxidizing Biocide to manipulate algae and fungi in open circulating cooling systems. It is powerful in controlling slime forming micro organism and sulfate decreasing micro organism. It is a twin Biocide minimizes chance of resistance increase and controls slime formation there via way of means of will increase warmness switch performance.

MN CORROSIVE : It is a multipurpose chemical for open cooling systems. It is an inorganic product and really powerful to save you corrosion from the gadget, specially in Ferroalloys systems.

MN DEFOAMER : It is used to manipulate foaming in cooling towers. MN DEFOAMER is a brilliant foaming controller via way of means of its complicated and coagulant action.

MN DIGESTER : An Open Circulation Cooling System Water Treatment Chemical It is a excessive overall performance scale preventer in in preference to cooling towers, Like Fountains and ornamental waterfalls. It enables in retaining easy and loose go with the drift of water from the fountains. It is an brilliant dispersant for calcium carbonate and clay. It additionally disperses iron oxides. It is mainly designed with carboxylate polymer to offer excessive overall performance.

MN ALKALISER : It controls the pH of recirculation water and balancing the enter pH. It is an acidic in nature.

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