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Why FRP is best suited for Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants

Fiber-Reinforced Plastics or FRP is a composite material made with fibres and polymers Because of its cost effectiveness, durability, and extended lifetime when appropriately planned and engineered, it is the finest choice of material for Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs).Because of its long-term durability and cost-effectiveness, its suitability is for a variety of installation options – both underground and above ground.

It requires only a small land area. It has modular pre-constructed systems.It is environmentally friendly as it decreases carbon dioxide emissions in the surrounding environment. There is minimal solids and sludge generation, thus it is cost-effective. Thus, there are low maintenance requirements with flexible and expandable designs. There is no noise pollution or no odour being released in the environment. The person handling it, has fully – automatic controls.

MN Aqua Packaged FRP Sewage Treatment Plants are manufactured with the highest quality standards at our manufacturing unit in Hyderabad . Some of the major advantages of FRP in these STPs include:

Durability and Long Life

Cost Effectiveness

Suitability for Multiple Installation Options – Underground & Overground

Little or no Requirement for Civil Works at Site.

FRP Package Sewage Treatment Plant is highly compact and involves solid design features. Furthermore, it consumes low power so can entirely free from the trouble for electricity consumption. It is manufactured by making use of latest equipment and state of the art technology so the treatment plant is completely free from odor and hence operates it easily. Moreover, FRP Package Sewage Treatment Plant is low maintenance requirement and cost effective.

The packaged units work on a media based biological degradation. The specifically developed media made from UV stabilized and chemically resistant propylene offers an ideal condition for the growth of microorganisms to degrade the incoming organic contaminants. The use of media also reduces the aeration tank sizes substantially thereby reducing the footprint of Sewage Treatment plant. The process air required is provided by means of twin lobe type air blower which transfers air through rugged EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) diffusers. The media also substantially reduces the sludge generation from these units.

Advantages of Package Sewage Treatment Plant:

  • Small Footprint (Requires only small land area)
  • Cost effective plant upgrades
  • Modular pre‐constructed systems
  • Decreases the CO2 emission amount in surrounding environment
  • Minimal solids and sludge generation
  • Flexible and expandable designs
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Easy to install, relocate and transport
  • Minimal O&M requirements
  • No odor and noise nuisance
  • Straight Forward Process treatment and fully / semi-automatic controls.
  • Continuous flow


The FRP Package Sewage Treatment Plant is extremely compact and has a strong design. Furthermore, it uses very little energy, so it may be used without worry about running out of electricity. It is made with the most up-to-date equipment and cutting-edge technology, resulting in an odour-free treatment plant that is simple to use.

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